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The Comedy Brunch @ The Comedy Bar

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This experience includes:

  • 1 hour in-home Appearance from Artist Willie Morrison

  • Up to 6 songs Performed Live in your living room

  • Chance to meet, greet, and get to know Willie

  • Photo-Op and Autograph signing session

  • Free Music City Light Beer Card

  • Promotional Crawl Of Fame Can Koozie

  • Optional Add-on Souvenirs and Accessories!

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A LITTLE ABOUT The Comedy Bar:

  • The Comedy Bar Was founded in 19XX by …

  • The Way Things Work at Their Comedy Shows is this…

  • They Are partnered with Gino’s Pizza, Creators of the internationally famous Chicago deep Dish Style Pie.

  • They Believe in creating a Fun and Inclusive “Mom & Pop” feel in their environment and refuse to conform to the one size fits all comedy club model seen in other Clubs across the country.

  • Before going solo, his group The Morrison Brothers Band enjoyed around 2 million streams on Spotify.

What Things You Can Do at The Comedy Club?:

  • You can hop on stage and cut up like Mrs. Maisel at their Weekly “TOMATO THROW COMEDY SHOW”. (Thursdays)

  • You Can Order Drinks at the Full Service Bar and enjoy nightly entertainment from some of the finest funny people in the business and some very talented amateurs.

  • You can reserve a VIP table and pop bottles next to the stage in style as you enjoy the show from a private booth.

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