The Man Behind The Guitar in Nashville

Singer/Songwriter, Trevor Finlay

Singer/Songwriter, Trevor Finlay

How many of you have visited Nashville and found your new favorite artist? That is what Nashville is all about! The beauty of this city is rooted deep inside the vibrating sounds of calloused hands playing guitars, bass guitars, drums, fiddles, steel guitars and literally any other instrument a venue will allow a musician to bring in and play. I personally, have discovered so many talented musicians that I now have my own personal Spotify playlist encompassing all my favorite artists making music in Nashville.

With this being said, I want to highlight a certain artist here in Nash that not only has top-notch talent and class, but is a personal friend of mine. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the multi-faceted, multi-talented, songwriting guru, Trevor Finlay!

I had the opportunity to meet Trevor at the nostalgic bar and venue, Bootlegger’s Inn, located on lower Broadway downtown Nash a couple months back, and what a treat it was! The talented singer/songwriter and exceptionally skilled guitar player not only puts on one hell of a show, but he has some of the best sarcasm I’ve heard from the stage. Changing lyrics up mid-song, cracking jokes with the audience, telling hilarious stories from his experiences on tour and the people he’s met along the way makes up for an entertaining show, to say the least.

After Alex (the head cheese of our company) saw Trevor play out one night, I got a text from him saying we had to cover him on our blog. So, after talking with Trevor and knowing him for almost a year now, I jumped on the task. I sent Trevor some questions that I thought you readers would totally ask a touring musician living and playing in Nashville. Without any more further ado, I welcome you into a small piece of Trevor’s mind.

Me: Please tell our readers about your past and present.

I moved to Nashville almost 11 years ago from Canada.  I come from a blues/rock background and didn't know anything about country music when I moved here, but that has since changed quite a bit.  I still don't know everything but I do know enough to be dangerous!

I've been given the opportunity to play all over the world - North America, UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia, etc and I've loved it.  I'm a road dog with a bad case of wanderlust and thankfully touring satisfies that.

I released 4 studio albums before I moved here.  I've released 1 more since I've been here, and the studio that I recorded it in was located on Music Row and belonged to Dolly Parton at one time but has since been torn down to make condos.  

Currently, I tour and play constantly.  Last year, I played 324 shows - a personal record!

Me: Do you plan to release a single, album or EP in the near future?

I'm actually gearing up to do another full album of my own in the next few months... I'm looking at a June release!

Before that, I'm going to be producing a record for a singer/songwriter friend of mine.  I'm excited for that experience.

As well, I'll be starting a podcast in the very near future as well called the "Roadhead Podcast" which is tour stories and experiences from me and my friends... I'm putting it together now.  So far I've got a great interview with a guy that got to play percussion on a Hendrix recording session!

My page, which will become much more active in the next while, is: 

Me: Where are you from?

Canada - I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and I was raised in Ottawa, Ontario. 

Me: What is your favorite type of music?

Life is too full of options to have a favorite anything - it all depends on my mood! 

Me: If I were to get in your car right now, what would be playing?

Probably a podcast, to be honest lol.  I like long-form interviews, especially while driving long distances. My current go-to's are Joe Rogan, WTF with Marc Maron, and Harmontown.

Me: Do you see yourself staying in Nashville for a while?

Nashville is now home.  I feel like it always has been.  

Me: How long have you been playing guitar?

I got my first guitar at 9 years old, my parents put me in lessons and thankfully, my teacher made us sing while we played.  

The reason I started guitar was because I was sick on the day we chose instruments for school band.  I wanted to play the sax, because it was a cool instrument - and girls like sax players.  When I got back to school, the only instruments that were left were flute and clarinet, and there was just no way.  My parents wanted to nurture my interest in music so they got me a guitar.  My folks have always been supportive, which is good since this is all their fault.

Me: Favorite "on tour" experience?

I've certainly had lots of surreal moments - here's a short list of name-droppy experiences... One was hanging out with Flavor Flav at a gig in Midland, TX. I was intimidated for the first 2 seconds when he came up to me and said "What's your name?" and I said "Trevor."  He says "TREVOOORRRR!" and hugs me.  He showed us how to open a bottle of champagne without a sound - no 'pop'.  He's got a great larger-than-life personality.

I opened for James Brown once at a festival - he did his own soundcheck and then spent the afternoon wandering around backstage with pink curlers in his hair.  One of the organizers asked if I wanted to meet him, I said "YES!" and upon being introduced, he shook my hand and said "God bless you, man." Being blessed by the Godfather of Soul... doesn't get much better.

Ok, one more - I opened for Johnny Winter and after my soundcheck I was invited to go on his bus to smoke with them... which I turned down.  I was already nervous for the show and having a panic attack in front of 8000 of my closest friends is not my idea of a good time.  Would have made for a better story, though.

Me: Future goals?

I want to keep writing, recording, producing and touring and most of all, I want to keep having incredible experiences.  I would love to do a tour of my own on a legit tour bus... just so I can say I did.

Me: Where can readers find your music?

You can find it anywhere you buy or listen to music - 

Spotify -

Youtube -

Itunes, Amazon, etc 

If you haven’t caught Trevor LIVE in action, you DEFINITELY should make it a point to feast your eyes on one of his shows. As a fellow artist, I have so much respect for this man. I dream of the day that I’ll be able to shred the guitar like he does on a daily basis - and he does it effortlessly! You can find him playing out at any of these times and locations below:

Sundays @ Bootleggers: 6pm-10pm (acoustic duo)
Mondays @ Bootleggers: 3pm-6pm (solo acoustic)
Whiskey Bent Saloon: 10pm-2am (full band)

For Trevor’s complete schedule, check out his website at

Can’t make it to one of his shows as soon as you’d like? You’re in luck because he streams LIVE on his official Facebook page every Monday at 4pm. Find it here:

Find his music and socials below!