Top 5 Coffee Shops You Need to Visit in Nash-Vegas

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Okay everyone! As promised, I have formed a list of some of the best coffee shops one can find in the greater Nashville area. As a coffee shop snob that I seem to be (meaning that i love hanging out in coffee shops and can be a little particular about the environment and vibe), this particular blog post was very fun for me. When do you get to say that you have to go find new (and visit your favorite) coffee shops to try coffee and eat wholesome quality food solely for work?! I don’t know about you, but this was a first for me and i enjoyed the hell out of it!

So first things first. I want to inform you that Nashville has an amazing variety of coffee shops to choose from. I have traveled a lot (not as much as I’d like though) and have yet to find a city that has as much of a coffee shop selection as Nashville (although, I haven’t been to Seattle yet-Seattle peeps, don’t hate me!). And guys, I’m not just talking about chain coffee shops like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. I’m talking homegrown, locally owned and locally sourced small businesses making their way in this big, competitive city. The list I’m about to share was super hard to compile because I love so many of the coffee shops here but I had to break it down to five for y’all’s benefit…LOL.

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So, here we go! The top five coffee houses that YOU should check out when you make a trip to Music City!

  1. Frothy Monkey on 51st Ave.

    Guys, note that I said on 51st ave. There are multiple Frothy Monkey’s in Nashville but the best one (matter of opinion of course) is located in an area of Nashville called the Nation’s and is on 51st ave. This eclectic coffee shop seems to have been renovated into what it is now from maybe an old bus barn, maybe? The space is very open and well lit with natural light and the setup is perfect for grinding out work on your laptop. Everyone, and I mean everyone, who works there is super nice and friendly! It is obvious that the staff loves the spot just as much as the customers. Every time I go in there I see repeat customers and it’s honestly started to become a little community over there. A lot of people don’t know about this coffee shop (even Nashville natives) because of its location, but I’m telling you it is worth the eight minute drive from downtown! When you go, be sure to order the Golden Monkey with an added shot of espresso. You can thank me later! ;)

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falcon coffee nashville

2. Falcon Coffee Bar

So Alex (head cheese of Crawl-of-Fame) told me about this one. I had never been to this coffee house so I was excited to check it out. Might I say that I was pleasantly surprised by vibe! The coffee was on point and the location was where a lot of people would not know about. Located near the Nashville Fairgrounds, this unique little coffee bar is perfect for catching up with friends or grabbing a quick drink to go. The parking is right beside the building (parking in Nashville is annoying so when the parking is easy, it’s a big selling point to me) and there are little garden squares right outside the main entrance. It’s winter right now so they weren’t growing anything, but I’m excited to visit again when it’s warmer to see what they’ll be cooking up.

Photo provided by @nashville_regular

Photo provided by @nashville_regular

3. Red Bicycle (honestly, any of them)

So I have a soft spot for Red Bicycle because that was the first coffee shop that I became a regular at when I moved here to Nashville. I also met a super cute barista there and we talked for a little while. But, besides all of that, Red Bicycle has some of the best crepes and donuts in Nashville. Their coffee is stellar and their crepes are unmatched. You can build your own crepe, eat a pizza crepe, enjoy one of their signature coffee drinks (I suggest the Nutty) and hang out on their patios to catch some vitamin C. There are three locations (my favorite one is in the Nations) and I honestly love going to all of them. Each one offers a different positive vibe.

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4. Stay Golden

This hangout spot is located in the eclectic east side of Nashville across the bridge from downtown. I’m actually writing this entire post from this coffee shop now (wi-fi is doing great). The room has a lot of plants and natural lighting which is great for staying awake, motivated and focused. Their wait staff is super friendly and the clientele is mostly freelance workers. It is attached to a WeWork building so most of these coffee drinkers are coming and going throughout the day. There are a few people with laptops working, but for the most part, it’s people on the go. I ordered a delicious cappuccino with some avocado toast for my lunch. I am full you guys. I paid about $13 for both and the one piece of toast filled me up (it was a huge piece of toast)! Definitely check this place out if you’re staying on the east side of town!

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fido nashville

5. Fido

Last but certainly not least, I share with you Fido. This coffee shop is located near Belmont College and is super trendy with its exposed brick walls and warm feeling environment. This place is ALWAYS busy but somehow always has a table or two open to sit down at. Parking can be a little annoying BUT the coffee is worth every extra minute spent searching for parking. They have their own line of coffee and have another shop located in the east side of Nash. Fido was one of my first coffee shops I visited when I made the move here. It’s perfect for working on your laptop or just going in to grab a quick caffeine boost before you shop around all the little shops surrounding it.

So that’s my list! There are so many other great coffee shops in Nashville but I swear, if you visit just one of these, you won’t be let down. Book your trip here and tell me which one you go to! Maybe we can meet up and talk about life. Happy coffee drinking friends!