And Now...A Penis Can Koozie

penis can koozie

Ever wondered what it would be like to carry around a crocheted penis can koozie? No? Well, it’s pretty spectacular and a great provider for some hefty knee-slapping laughs.

It seems like the “what will they come up with next” reigns true even in the crochet world. The creativity is boundless and the creator of these yarn knotted penises, Shannon Blouse, is not stopping now.



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Creator and talented crocheter, Shannon Blouse

Creator and talented crocheter, Shannon Blouse

“Crocheting is better for 3-D items like animals, dolls, trinkets and, well, penises” says Blouse.

A Michigan native and now residing in Morganton, North Carolina, Blouse took up knitting about 20 years ago as a way to kick her smoking habit. She bought herself a “Learn To Knit” CD, taught herself and was hooked, literally.

It wasn’t until a decade later when Blouse decided to try her hand at crocheting. She fell in love and began creating all sorts of different items. Now her catalog isn’t just limited to blankets, scarves and penises. She has made vaginas, boobs and even nose warmers…LOL. All can be found on her Etsy shop that she recently started last year in April.

““I love the response when I ask, “what color pubes do you want?” or when a customer asks, “can you make it girthy?”” says Blouse.

penis can koozie 2

Her passion has enabled her to do what she loves and meet all kinds of new people. Who would have thought crocheted penises, boobs and vaginas could bring so much joy? Blouse says, “I LOVE my customers. They challenge me, keep me creating and every order ends in laughter by us both.”

Crocheting has been more than just a hobby for Shannon. Using it to kick her habit of smoking and now being three years sober, crocheting has turned into a labor of love. The creative hobby has helped her be more daring, more spontaneous and most importantly, more comfortable and accepting of her own passions and personality versus what seems to be “cool” or the next trend.

“I used to be embarrassed to say that I crochet. I’d wished that I’d found a more glamorous love. Something exciting. Something daring. But now, I’m pretty happy with who I am and what I do and I’m finding my own way to make it glamorous, exciting and daring,” says Blouse.

So what’s next for Shannon? With being three years sober from the help of her hobby, she has taken on an entire new way of living her life in a healthy way. She is gonna keep on keepin on with all the orders she receives and will live for the day she makes crocheting cool again.

So what do you guys think? Wouldn’t these koozies be a perfect little add-on to the Crawl-of-Fame? Imagine your entire group of friends pedaling down Nashville holding these koozies singing Shania Twain’s “Man I Feel Like A Woman” at the top of your lungs. It would be epic. Thoughts?

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