Top 4 Most Extravagant Wedding Trends for 2019

Okay guys, real talk. Can you believe Spring literally begins this month?! Twelve more days to be exact! I didn’t realize this until I started writing this piece today and was like, “oh snap!” So, with warmer months quickly approaching, more seasonal activities are going to begin to take place. I could go into a lot but this week’s post is going to be about the beautiful conversation piece of weddings. Today we’re gong to dive into some of the most extravagant wedding trends happening in Nashville. We’re gonna cry about them because they’ll be way way too expensive and then we’re going to justify them and contemplate doing the same thing these other couples have done. You only live once right?!?

Alright so I’m jumping right into it-from less to most trendy.

4. Union Station Hotel (couples are using this as a venue)

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Photo provided by @unionstationnashville

Photo provided by @unionstationnashville

This historic hotel is one of Nashville’s iconic landmarks. Originally built in the year 1900, Union Station served the city of Nashville as a major local train station and epicenter for travel. The imposing Gothic design—complete with turrets and towers—made Union Station an architectural marvel in its day, delighting travelers with its beautiful detailing, including ornate wood carvings, sparkling stained glass, beautiful Italian marble, and soaring ceilings.

As the years passed and times changed, the once heavily trafficked station had begun to fall into obsolescence. After nearly 100 years, a National Historic Landmark designation, and a $15.5 million renovation, Union Station was breathing a new life as Nashville’s newest luxury hotel.

Many couples are seeking this aesthetic for their wedding and willing to pay the pretty penny to say “I do” within these historic walls. To book your special day here, you’re looking at spending about $37,000 total. That cost will cover the magnificent space, delicious food and craft cocktails.

I, personally, have attended a wedding at the Union Station. It was nothing but exceptional. The decor was on point, the wait staff was super accommodating and I had so many Instagram worth pictures from the space. Can’t beat that! Am I right?

3. Statement Cakes

Photo provided by @panachecakedesign

Photo provided by @panachecakedesign

So long are the days of pure white iced cake with a happy plastic couple standing on top. No…it’s 2019 baby! A new trend that we’re starting to see is this whole idea on statement cakes. Many couples are making it a point to make their cake a point. So, not only will it have the attention for its tasty benefits, but now it’s gonna be sitting at the reception in all its glory.

statement cakes

I’m pretty sure read that this cake to the right weighed more than 40 pounds! Some statement that is. No one can even carry it inside!

We did some research and found some amazing Nashville cake bakers that take their job seriously. I tried finding some pricing for these statement cakes but most of the websites said it all depended on size, idea, artwork, etc. But does the money really matter when it comes to the ONLY day you’ll ever be getting married?? LOL Check out these links below for our favorite Nashville bakeries.

Nashville Sweets
The Sweetest Day
Connie Cakes
Dulce Desserts

2. Royal Wedding Inspired Flower Decor

Photo provided by @onfabday

Photo provided by @onfabday

How many royal weddings were there this year again? With the tabloids gawking and drooling over every step made by the royal couple, it’s becoming obvious that more and more wedding planners are starting to hop on the band wagon as well. Honestly, I don’t blame them because this trend is definitely something I would do at my wedding. Check out these beautiful bouquets of flowers!

This gaudy type of flower arrangement came straight from England. No one can forget that dramatic entrance Meghan Markle made at the royal wedding. The flowers were the perfect complimentary piece to the bride’s exceptional walk-in.

Photo provided by @stoneblosslom

Photo provided by @stoneblosslom

You can get super creative with these arrangements. Personally, I would go with all sunflowers and maybe add some contrast colors in the mix like baby blues and reds. Again, I couldn’t find ballpark pricing on these handcrafted creations but I did find some reliable businesses in Nashville specializing in these pieces.

Geny’s Flowers and Bridal
Enchanted Florist TN
Creations by Debbie

1. Velvet

Ahhhhh…now THIS is probably my favorite trend I’ve seen happening thus far!! Velvet! Who doesn’t love velvet???

wedding velvet

Velvet seems to be the new cotton when it comes to wedding planning. And what’s the best part about vlevet?? Well, depending on the color you choose, it can be a fabric that works for any season. Honestly, these don’t have to be that expensive either. I looked them up on Amazon and they are running from $10-$50 depending on size.

Alright…so what do you guys think?

Will any of you incorporate some of these trends into your big day?

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