Meet Nashville Icon Brit Stokes

brit stokes

We are back on here guys! What a busy month it has been for us. Busy season is quickly approaching us and we couldn’t be more excited to meet all the parties coming into Music City to celebrate with us. Since you guys are planning your trips here left and right, we want to take some time to introduce you to another local artist that plays all around our city. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the one and only, Brit Stokes!

Texas native, Stokes moved to Nashville to further his career in music. I got the honor of meeting Brit when I started working at Bootlegger’s Inn on lower Broadway just one year ago. It’s crazy to think I’ve known that guy for a year now. Seems like I’ve known him for years.

The way he sings his music and the personality he has is unlike anyone else you will ever meet. He’s got that hard a** kind of exterior with his long beard, hippie-like hair and Harley Davidson T-shirts to compliment his gritty, hard country style voice. Read more about him in this short little Q & A we put together below!

1.  How long have you been doing music? 

    I was born into music.. My father played so I started at a super early age.. A lot of my family is in the Entertainment industry.

2.  Where are you from? 

     Athens, Texas

3.  What's your favorite instrument?

     I play a lot of different instruments. I really like quite a few of them and play piano, drums and guitar. If I had to pick one instrument though, it would most likely be the guitar. That’s also what I mostly play on stage at my shows.

4.  Top 5 artists you love? 

     Meryl Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Don Williams, Garth Brooks and Chris Stapleton

5.  Do you have music out?  If so, where can fans find it? 

     Yes I do! I just put out an album titled "Gypsy Soul". You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and pretty much on any other online outlet there is. But, of course, you can get the hard copy album at a Brit Stokes show. ;)

brit stokes band

6.   How often do you play out and about in Nashville? 

      A lot!! Pretty much Wednesday thru Saturday and some in betweens if we aren't on the road. You can find me at either Bootlegger’s Inn, Whiskey Bent and a few other venue bars on Broadway, Nashville.

7.  Do you tour?  Are you open to traveling?

    Yes I do tour! We do several shows a year inside of town and all over the United States. We are absolutely up for traveling!

8.  Favorite color?

     Blue all the way.

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