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Hey guys! Long time, no talk! We out here though, working our tail ends off! Nashville is popping right now with all the events taking place around the city. We just finished up the NFL draft two weeks ago that brought out more than 300,000 people for the three day celebration. To add to that, we’ve got the CMA Fest coming up in June that is expected to bring more than 100,000 country music fans from all over the country. Free concerts, food trucks, drinks and lots of cowboy boots are expected.

So many people are coming here and so many local businesses are hopping on the train to get their name out to the people. Among those is a small, non-profit jewelry making business called Strings For Hope, and they’re holding down their cart on their little 7 by 7 feet square space on Broadway.

Small but mighty, Strings For Hope isn’t just any non-profit brand you’d find at your local consignment shop though. This jewelry is solely made from instrument strings including guitar strings, piano strings, violin, mandolin, bass and anything else that has musical strings attached to it. The guitar string jewelry is handmade by women transitioning out of dangerous or unstable living arrangements as well as those that are in recovery. Creating this jewelry gives them a stable job and work family enabling them to get back on their own feet.

The jewelry is simple but elegant and goes with almost any outfit. After discovering Strings For Hope while passing by their cart on a sunny day on Broadway, I had to learn more about the founder and their mission. Would you believe me if I told you the founder is only 22 years old? Yahhh…talk about hustle! Miss. Emily Winters took over Strings For Hope just shy of two years ago and is doing an amazing job at bringing the company’s mission to life.

As a blogger devoted to finding local art in Music City, I decided to interview Emily on how she sees and operates Strings For Hope. We got to talk for a while and I learned so much from our conversation. Emily was even nice enough to give all our readers a discount code for reading this. Check out the Q & A between Emily and I and be sure to head over to her website after to use our discount code on your first order!


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1.  When did Strings For Hope come about? Like what year?

 A. Strings for Hope was founded in 2010 by a women named Laura Wilson. 

2.  How did you start working with Strings For Hope?

 A. My friend Devon DeZwaan-Lemke, had asked me to work a cart shift for her. This led me to wanting to know more and being intrigued by all the possibilities and people we can help with it. 

3.  What is the mission for Strings?

A. "We take secondhand strings to provide a second chance for women in need". We work with women transitioning out of sex trafficking, halfway houses, and domestic violence. 

4.  How many women are making these bracelets?

A. We have 8 women currently, and are about to hire one of our ladies full time employees making our product in house. We hope to hire jewelry makers full time later this year

5.  Where can people buy your strings?

A. You can go to our website and order there. You will see the retail stores we are currently in, and learn about our cart downtown on Broadway nearly every day.  We pop up at music events, festivals, high populated areas in downtown Nashville, retail shops. You can find that information via online or social media. 

6.  Do you have strings from famous people?

A. We do have famous people generously donate their strings. We are currently working on that more and more. 

7.  Do you make special products for clients?  Like special events, etc.?

A. We do customs for clients and do a lot of customs for corporate parties, bachelorette parties, venues, etc. 

8.  Do you plan on opening your own little shop in the future?

A. We hope to have a bigger warehouse first then will come the little shop. Our main focus is popping up in different locations and being carried in select few retail stores.

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